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      FAQ - how to buy my paintings

      Look through the answers to the most popular questions of my customers.
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      I can not imagine how favourite painting will look in my interior, could you help me?

      Don't worry! It's possible to see your painting in your house before it will come. Send me a photo of your interior and I will place my painting on the wall using Photoshop. If you like the result you can make an order being sure your painting is right for your home!

      How to care about painting, could you recommend special rules?

      Care instructionDon't hang painting outside in high humidity places, or near heat source.Wash your hands before handling painting and use clean gloves to take and move it. It's extrimelly important rule for light paintings.The painting may have dirty and oily fingerprints on it.Be carfeull and don'tt place anything on top of the canvas to avoid damages canvas. Don't lay your painting with the front facing down to avoid to avoid scratches and not to dirty the painting.How to tighten a loose and saggy canvas painting:What to do in a case your canvas looses up and sagThe painting subframe has 2 auxiliary wedges in each corner. Knock the hammer on each wedge very very carefully like it is your own finger. It's very important: don't use much power. The canvas should tighten up.Never use any chemical cleaners to clean your canvas painting. Don't spray the water on your canvas, it contributes to the cracking of the paintwork.

      What is gallery wrapped?

      Gallery wrapped canvas is modern way to show your painting. You see ribs of painting. They can be painted or not depends of painter idea. Also I sign most of my paintings on the right rib. Such paintings need not for a additional decorative frame. 

      How to buy a painting?

      Send me a message using contact form, let me know what painting exactly you would like to buy and any question about painting and order. I'll respond you as soon as only possible!

      How to pay?

      You can make a payment using SWIFT transaction - payment with Debit or Credit Card, XOOM (this service belong to PayPal), Payoneer or any other ways except PayPal. PayPal doesn't work fully in Ukraine. Sorry about that.Let me know which way you like to pay.

      How can I get discounts?

      You can get discounts in these ways:1. Subscribe to my newsletter to get 5% discount.2. Buy a few paintings at once to get your personal discount.3. Buy painting one by one from time to time to increase you discount up to 10% and more.

      Can I cancel my order before shipping?

      Yes, you can. You have 48 hours after paiment to cancel your order by e-mail. I'll give back your money, except transactions fees and pakcaging cost, sorry!

      Conditions of return

      Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs. If the painting is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value

      Who is responsible for customs and import taxes?

      Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.

      Can I get video consultation with you?

      It will be possible soon.

      Delivery. How it will be shipped?

      We have a few international carries companies here: DHL, FedEx, Meest, THT. I can use one of them for some paintings. But I prefer international EPS service for shipping, it's not expencive insured delivery even to Australia and 5-7 days shipping time only. You will receive an email when your painting is shipped. I'll send tracking number to you to control package movement. 

      How my painting will be packaged?

      Painting can be packaged rolled in a strong plastic tube or full size inside strong cardboard box. I do my best to pack a painting carefully. Materials I use: carton, carton corners, expanded polystyrene, belly button and additional 1-2 types protective film inside and outside of package.

      How long is shipping time? 

      Shipping time is 3-7 days worldwide. And I need 1-3 days to prepare an order for shipping.

      Is shipping free?

      It's not, sorry. Shipping cost is not included in painting price and depends of size, wight of final package and delivery company.

      Is it safe to buy from Ukraine?

      Yes, our area is safe. Factories, municipal services, banks, Visa and Mastercard, international delivery companies work in our city like before. We had no war in our area. City lives like usually.Learn more about Kriviy Rih

      Are you interested to work with galleries, art dealers and interior designers?

      Of course!Download my short demo catalog below to learn my painting and sizes easily.Feel free to contact me for any other questions!

      Stretched gallery wrapped 8 wedges back side

      What is Stretched and Unstretched canvas paintings? 

      "Stretched" - painting on canvas stretched on the wooden support bars, it's ready for hanging.
      "Unstretched" - painting on not stretched canvas, rolled in a tube. In this case you'll have to stretch this canvas in the nearest art workshop.

      If you want to order my painting or have any questions or inquiries, please contact me now

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      Download My Paintings Demo Catalog

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